Learning how to make your own blog is so simple that just about anyone with an interest in the subject can succeed. Many guides to putting a new blog online for the first time recommend the WordPress platform above all others. There are a number of reasons why experts commonly advise that novices get started with WordPress.

A Powerful, Proven Blogging Platform That Can Do a Lot More

WordPress has been around for many years and is offered in both commercial, paid-for versions and free ones. These are alike with regard to basic functionality and the kinds of features that bloggers typically prioritize.

Many guides found online today recommend that new bloggers either sign up for a hosted WordPress service or set up and maintain the software on their own. Some of the reasons WordPress so often ends up being highlighted include its:

  • Popularity. There are tens of millions of sites running WordPress today, a significant portion of which host blogs. The fact that WordPress is so widely deployed means the platform is well understood and there is a large amount of supporting infrastructure. There are many thousands of themes and plugins, for instance, that customize WordPress installations or add useful new types of functionality. Choosing WordPress is a very safe move in this respect since it will mean having access to plenty of support and relevant information.
  • Flexibility. Just about every blog will evolve over time, whether in response to the changing interests of its owner or feedback from fans. WordPress is an especially flexible platform that can easily accommodate any conceivable type of focus a blog might acquire. Getting started with WordPress will mean being able to alter a blog however might be warranted far into the future.
  • Ease of use. Despite being so powerful and flexible, WordPress is also easy to use. That will always be helpful for a newcomer to blogging, as it will mean being able to focus more on the work that really matters.

Many Other Reasons to Choose WordPress for Blogging

These are only a few of the reasons why experts so often recommend that would-be bloggers opt for WordPress. Choosing WordPress will almost always be a reasonable, helpful way to get started with blogging.